Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Opening for dad's book...

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Don't Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs! 


What is the driving motivation of the Pharmaceutical Industry and the medical profession!

    Syndrome X....obesity, diabetes [insulin resistance], heart disease and cancer. These are the big money makers for the medical profession, health care support groups and of course the big drug companies with patented drugs that command high prices as well as the food business selling all the high priced, highly processed foods and additives.
    Shall we treat, cure or prevent from ever happening! There is no money to be made from prevention! Where would we be if diabetes, heart disease and cancer suddenly ceased to exist! Don't worry, when you run into these scourges of modern society we will take good care of you and keep you going as long as possible! We have all the drugs, support groups,hospitals and apparatus to keep you a good patient, client and customer for as long as you or Uncle Sam can afford to pay the price! Look at all the people that were out of business when polio, tuberculosis and other scourges were prevented from being a threat to life.
    If we can prevent simply by making a few changes in nutrition and way of life instead of blaming our health problems on genetics and mercury and pesticides and what we think we can not control.. which is the way to go? It all depend on where your pay check comes from!

Opening for my book!.... dad


  1. I couldn't agree more! You left one malady out that the medical profession just loves to prescribe pharmaceuticals for: depression. Depression is BIG business for the medical and pharmaceutical professions. There are so many other alternative therapies out there for those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety but most doctors (and patients) won't even consider exploring them.

  2. So far, Sonny is pleased with the blog I'm building from my long inventory of his best e-mails over the years. He wanted to add the following to his credentials on the page description, but the 500 word limit wouldn't allow it. So here goes:

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    Looked at what you've done so far and very impressive!! You can add to my background that I am a Emeritus Member of the American Chemical Society and a member since 1956 and was a member of the New York Academy of Science for almost fifty years.